Sunday, January 19, 2014

finally making my postage stamp block!

Years ago in one of Heather Stewart's Stashbusters classes, she gave us instructions to make a postage stamp quilt.  I knew right then I would NEVER make a quilt but did say I would make 1 block.  I already knew what fabric I was going to use and that I was going to call it Fade To Black- yes all you Metallica fans out there know the song.
View video here.
Or here because you never can have enough Metallica!

I wanted to take my hand dyed blue fabric and start at one corner with the lights, progressively getting darker towards the opposite corner.  I found an idea online where you add a narrow inner border and then a pieced border, so I made the blues follow the fading colour in the border too.  Why stop there?  I am attempting to do the same with the binding, once the block is quilted then I can get the binding figured out a little better.  Here are some photos.

Somehow this grid and scribbles is my "master plan"

Dulux is so helpful by making sure he is right in-between me and the ironing board.

Wait, now he is helping me sew by laying his head on my leg.  Guess someone would like some attention!

OK here are all my 1 1/2" squares sewn on the inner part of the block.

The block with the black inner border, the pieced blue fading border and a bit wider outer border.

Roughly sewing and fitting the border to the block, will figure it out later once the block is quilted.

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  1. I love the modern take on this traditional block with the value gradient!