Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ham and Strawberry auction quilt

Over this past year the ladies from church have been making the Fireside Log Cabin blocks in blue and white so that we can assemble them into a queen quilt that we will be including with the auction in June. The top is together and I just need to quilt it in May to have it ready for mid June. Here is a photo of the finished quilt top. The ladies have done a wonderful job and should be so proud!

update from Nicaragua

Here is an email I received last week. It is from Nancy one of the PAN liaisons who works with the few sewing Co-ops in Nicaragua. They have been busy making school uniforms as well as the quilts. Earlier they had a few quilts complete and were selling them as well!

I'm in Nicaragua right now and have been working with the girls from Pastor Juilo's church. I must say they are doing well and am pleased with their progress. I delivered the serger and bobbin winder and three walking feet.

FYI ---- I have also given Iglesias Hermosa the contract for school uniforms. I was able to see a couple of skirts they made and I must say they have done a wonderful job. You girls should be proud of what your students have achieved.

Feb. Stashbusters quilt top

I know it has taken a while to post the photo of my Stashbusters quilt from February, but here it is. I have the top done up to the sashing and will now need to work on the pieced border (hopefully on Friday)

Here is a photo so far.