Monday, May 31, 2010

Vanilla Orchid pattern

Here is one of my newer patterns that I just love. It is a larger flower with some swirls and leaves and looks beautiful on simple fabric or floral fabric.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Painted Quilt Block Murals- from the LFP

Lorna Svendsen of Wardsville paints a quilt in the foreground with Josie Easton in the distance as Wardsville gets ready to display the painted quilts on buildings to celebrate their bicentennial.

A painted quilt up on a credit union in Wardsville, is but the first of many that will be mounted on buildings to celebrate the bicentennial of the town.

Denise Corneil and Bob Davis of Wardsville with the painted quilts that are being painted.

WARDSVILLE - A big old-fashioned quilting bee - only with paintbrushes instead of needle-and-thread - is one of this community's 200th birthday gifts to itself.

As Wardsville celebrates its centennial next month, it is also telling the story of its founder, George Ward, in 30 large murals that will be affixed to buildings in and around town.

They're called "barn quilts" because the squares look like traditional quilting blocks.

And this may be the first such collection in Ontario.

"This is really rural, country folk art," said organizer Denise Corneil.

Painting, taping, and sealing the 8 x 8-foot blocks has taken place for months in the basement of Beattie Haven retirement residence.

When finished, the blocks will go up outside select barns, sheds, stores in a 60-kilometre radius, with a map that will direct drivers to the various sites and explain their meanings.

Volunteers have also stitched a fabric quilt that includes the same blocks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IPM Quilt Show Entry

Well it is the night before I hand in my entry for the IPM Quilt show later this month. I bought the quilt top from Quilts and Calicos and then it was up to me to do the machine quilting! I have clipped threads, picked lint and pressed and starched until I think it is ready to go. Now I have cold feet about the whole entry idea. Each colour of fabric in the star has a different design and the cream corners were the perfect area to do some freehand feathers. I spent about 2 weeks drawing and redrawing the feather areas and then marked them so that I could then quilt. It took me 6 days to quilt the top during the March Break and then a few hours here and there to do the binding, sleeve and finishing touches. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on the show later in May.

An e-mail from Africa

Just recieved an e-mail today with news from Africa so I wanted to post it and let everyone know how well the program is doing. (I have posted a few photos from a craft fair where the Mzansi Quilt Centre had a booth a few months ago.)

"The quilting program is still on track and it seems as if we are selling more that ever before. Last month was a banner month with sales over 30,000 rand. We have some responses from the web site, and more of the local quilters are bringing their tops in for quilting. The Midlands Meander has attracted many tourists that come here to buy, and since the prices are so reasonable many buy quilts for presents. The local missionary outfits have found that the centre will make table clothes, so we are turning out literally dozens for the price of the fabric plus a small charge for binding. Added to this we have been selling wall hangers that we placed at several of the hotels for d├ęcor."

"We were visited by sheep ranchers from the Karoo that are interested in starting a quilting outreach program among the staff on their ranches. They wanted a long arm machine and Linda Taylor helped us become Gammill agents here in Africa. We ordered the machine and after much back and fourth paperwork and questions the new Vision was on the way. The machine and shipping charges came to about 140,000 rand, but customs and vat added another 23,000 rand. OUCH! We will have an interesting time transporting the crates to the Free State, and then Elisabeth has to set the machine up and train the crew."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Double Wedding Ring note pad

My longarm machine quilting friend Jane send me this note pad since I just quilted the Double Wedding Ring quilt a few weeks ago. Isn't that thoughtful? Now I can write notes on fancy paper!

Thanks Jane.